Week 2 ILP

This week went a little bit better than last week. I have slowly started to adjust to having a set schedule to go in and work out. Setting a time to go in everyday has kept me in line and forcing me to go. However, I did skip on Wednesday because I got busy that day. Which at the end of the day I felt guilty because looking back I could have totally had enough time to go in and did something, because it’s not like I did any homework that day anyway. I did get a friend to start going in with me so it’s a little less intimidating. She skipped a few days because she was busy or had other plans. Normally in the past if she couldn’t go, I would just skip out as well, but this week I am excited to say I “maned” up and went in there all by myself (which wasn’t that bad). I had to giggle because anyone who knows me, knows that I am not one to work out EVER. I saw some friends in there throughout the week and they were all confused or would make jokes about me being at the PAC and actually doing something. It wasn’t a put down by any means I just thought their comments were funny because they are true.

This week I mainly focused on running on the treadmill and biking, every day I ran at least 15 minutes on the tread, and 25 minutes on the bike. We also decided that we want to start lifting, so this week was also the start of that. On Thursday, we worked out our arms which it went great because I was able to get off work early so we went and lifted at around 1:00, and nobody was in there! It was the best day every because no one was there to see how pathetic we are haha, not that anyone really watches but we still get self-conscious. Then on Friday we decided to do some squats and work out our booty. I wasn’t too sore from lifting arms the previous day which made me kind of sad because I felt like I should have pushed myself more. But on Saturday, boy was it hard to get out of bed because I was so sore. To top everything off I had to sit in a car for two hours which I felt made things worse considering I couldn’t move around and stretch. I don’t like feeling pain but if I am going to get results out of this, I don’t mind it then!

I may be week now but hopefully by the end of the semester I will be stronger and look good. This week was fun and it was nice to have consistency and a set schedule. I decided to do phonathon this year so my schedule will be pretty packed these next few weeks, but if there is one thing I am not going to cut out of my daily routine, is going in there.


6 thoughts on “Week 2 ILP

  1. Alondra,
    I really like your ILP! Working out is such a great thing to do, and we each need to have some time set aside to do at least an hour of it every single day. For me, I have set times each week when I workout. Too bad I am on the football team and do not get to pick the times I want to workout, but hey, at least I am guaranteed a solid day of work. The reward of be active is so good. We feel good about ourselves and, after awhile, we notice changes in our bodies. From what I have learned about a healthy lifestyle though is that most of the results don’t come from being active, but from eating right. Sometimes that can be harder than working out! Great blog post!



    • Thank you, I’ve heard about that a lot and I am trying to make some changes to what I eat as well, but like you said it can be tough especially if you love chocolate and ice cream like me haha.


  2. Alondra,
    I am like you when it comes to working out. I feel like I have more motivation when I go with a friend as opposed to just going by myself. I’m in that stage where I haven’t gone to work out after I stopped training for my half marathon. I think if you find a workout that has a schedule M-F and it’s something you enjoy then it will be easier to get to the gym, or at least that’s what it’s like for me. I just haven’t found that program yet /:. I think it’s great that you are working on your fitness as your ILP.


  3. I think the best part is you are going to see an improvement ever week! You might start to feel more energized or see your body changing. That’s always my favorite part of working out. And I just start to feel better as a whole! Keep up the good work!


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