This week I read The Mud Fairy by Amy Young, No, David by David Shannon, Do Monkey’s Tweet by Melanie Walsh, and Best Shot in the West by Patricia C. McKissack.

The Mud fairy

The first book is The Mud Fairy by Amy Young. This book is about a little girl who wants to earn her fairy wings like the rest of the girls but in order to do so she has to be good at something. All the other fairies are good at something and she just can’t find anything she is good at. After trying and trying to be good at something the big fairy realized that she was good at something the whole time and that is being in the mud and helping the frogs.

No, David

The second book I read was No, David by David Shannon. I have been waiting to read this book for such a long time and I was finally able to check it out so I was super excited. This book is about David Shannon and it describes the things David wasn’t allowed to do when he was five. When David Was five, he wrote this book and after he grew up he actually published it. This is one of my favorite books even though it’s really short.

do Monkey's Tweet

The third book I read was Do Monkey’s Tweet by Melanie Walsh. The first thing that came to my mind about this book was Twitter… but this book is not about Twitter and Monkeys, this book is about animals and the noises they make. It was a cute book for little kids my baby sister sure enjoyed it.

Best shot in the west

The last book I read was Best Shot in the West by Patricia C. McKissack. This book was about Nat Love also known as “Deadwood Dick” a black man that becomes a cowboy to help support his family after a few of his family members died. He was kidnapped by Native Americans, they were really impressed with his shooting talent that they wanted him to stay and get married to one of their own. I really liked this book it gave me a little history lesson about Nat Love.


It’s Monday What are You Reading

black cat

The first book I read for It’s Monday what are you reading was Black Cat. This book was about a black cat that roams the streets because he doesn’t have home and people wonder if he has a place of his own, but his doesn’t because anywhere he roams is his home.

The second book I read was Cat Parade. This book was about cats having a parade and then a mouse shows up to ruin the parade then the mice have a parade of their own. I didn’t really like this book it was very repetitive and didn’t really catch my attention, I did however, like the illustrations and the vivid colors.

The third book I read was Too Tall House. This book is about an owl and a rabbit who are best friends and they turn into “enemies” when each of them want to have the biggest house. They eventually get over it when their houses tip over and they realize they could have made the perfect little house together.

The fourth book I read was The Christmas Coat. This book was about a girl named Virginia who is native American and she needs a new coat but every time the theast boxes come with clothes for families in need she never gets the opportunity to get a new coat because as her mom tells her “others need it more than we do”. When she thought she found the perfect coat a mean girl takes it and shows it off at school but little does she know that the coat smells like a wet dog when the coat gets wet, soon she realized she was glad she didn’t get that coat. As I was reading the back cover it mentioned that this family was from the Sioux reservation and now live in Rapid City, South Dakota. I thought that was very interesting considering I go to Rapid City almost every weekend; so I was able to have that connection with the location.

The last book I read was The Boxcar Children. This book is about four children whose parents pass away and they have to go live with their grandpa. They believe that the grandpa is mean so they decide to run away from home and try to make it on their own. They find a boxcar and they make that their home. Henry is the oldest of the boys and he has to provide for his siblings, he finds a job working for a doctor and eventually all of his siblings start working for him. I liked this book because it had a nice story plot and I really liked the ending so I won’t spoil it for those who want to read it.

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While reading the article there are a lot of things that I learned about that skyping that I didn’t know about before. For example, I didn’t realize that Skyping had been around since 2003! I would want to give a Skype visit with an author a try. I think Skyping with an author would be a great way to get the students excited about reading a book and actually being able to talk to the author and ask all the questions they have and get them answered. I know that while reading a book with the whole class, kids often have questions that they want answers to but it’s sometimes hard to come up with logical answers or why the author decided to do what they did. Some advantages that come with Skyping is that the students get that interaction with an author, they also get all their questions answered. Another advantage would be that it gets kids motivated to read a book because they know that if they read the book they will be able to have that interaction with the author. Some disadvantages would be technical issues, like no connection or hard to understand the author. When that happens kids will easily loose interest which defeats the purpose of having that cool experience of talking to an author. I’ve never had the experience to skype with an author but I have skyped before and it gets a little frustrating when the screen freezes or the person on the other side talks but you can’t hear his or her voice or its delayed. I know that at my school they had a skype visit with an author but I didn’t attend it and I can’t remember what author it was either. If I would choose an author to either skype with or bring him in person I would like to have David Shannon the author of all the NO! David books. I think the kids would really enjoy him considering most kids like his books.

It’s Monday What are you Reading?!

For this Week’s It’s Monday what are you reading I read three books, the first book was The Farmer by Mark Ludy, the second book was The Grump by Mark Ludy as well, and Gooney bird and the Room Mother by Lois Lowry.

The Farmer

The Farmer by Mark Ludy is the first book I read and it is about a farmer and his farm animals. This farmer though seems to have terrible luck with his crops because every year something goes wrong and is forced to sell one of his farm animals to replace the damages done to the crops. Although this farmer has terrible luck nothing gets him down from replanting his crops for the following year. Eventually his neighbor’s farm burns down and the farmer helps them put out the fire; something they never did for him, and when the farmer returned to his land he had a full garden. He was kind enough to share it with his neighbors who lost everything in the fire.

The Grump

The second book I read goes along with the author Mark Ludy, I read The Grump. I really like this book because it teaches a great lesson about not being so judgmental towards others. This is about an old man who always seems to be very grumpy and nothing makes him happy; his entire town is scared of him and no one cares to be his friend; until one little girl who is deaf and can’t see changes his entire perspective on life. With both of the books the author hides a little mouse and with every page the students have to find the mouse. I always liked trying to look for the mouse so when the teacher read this book to the classroom everyone would want to sit up front. The books also have great illustration!

Gooney bird and the room mother

The last book I read was Gooney Bird and the Room Mother. I decided to read this book based off of the previous book I had read by this author last week, considering I liked that other book. Last week’s book taught the lesson of being unique and this book teaches kids different vocabulary words, which I think would make a great read aloud book during the Thanksgiving season. This book is about Gooney Bird getting ready to do the pageant of the First Thanksgiving. While getting ready for the play they stumble upon a little problem and that is finding someone to make cupcakes for the play Gooney Bird volunteers to find someone to make cupcakes but only if she gets the lead part in exchange. It was a book filled with adventures from Gooney Bird and her crazy outfits.

Read Aloud

I think that reading aloud is important for all grade levels because reading itself is important but some kids don’t have the motivation to do it on their own so having a book and reading it aloud is good for those students to get the reading experience. While observing different classrooms within in the past 3 years I’ve noticed that kids love being read to; and for the most part they stay still and wanting to know more about what is going to happen in the book. It gets every student involved in the classroom discussion which I think is great! I also believe that reading to kids at a young age helps them throughout the years and a lot of kids enjoy being read to. What I took from the two blogs from last week is that reading is a great tool to use in the classroom for different situations. As I was reading the articles I was already thinking of book ideas that I could use in my own classroom. Some of those were introductory books for the first day of class, or maybe if there is an issue in the classroom then maybe address it with a book incorporated to the issue. An example, would be if the teacher notices bullying issues she could have a read aloud that talks about bullying and how everyone should be nice to each other. There’s also a lot of books about holidays that could be read to the students out loud during the holiday seasons. Throughout this semester I have read a lot of books that would be great to read aloud to my future students. I would read Year of the Billy Miller; The One and Only Ivan; All the Way to America; Love You Soldier; I Know a Wee Piggy; The Watermelon Seed; Take Me Out to the Yakyu; Pink Magic; Sadie and Ratz; and Martin de Porres.

It’s Monday, What are you Reading

For this weeks “It’s Monday, What are you Reading?!” I read some more picture books and a chapter book to make up for the four hours of reading.

I know a wee Piggy

The first book I read was I Know a Wee Piggy by Kim Norman and this book is about a piggy who wanted to wallow in different colors, and his journey begins when his owner accidentally lets him loose. I really liked this book because it had great illustrations and a lot of colors, it also had rhyming and is a great book to make kids laugh.

If you give a moose a muffin

The second book I read was If You Give a Mouse a Muffin by Laura Joeffe Numeroff. This book is just like the books If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, so I really liked it, it is full of crazy adventures and kids will be sure to like it. I know I really enjoyed these books when I was younger.

Pink Magic

Pink Magic by Donna Jo Napoli was another book I read and it is about a little boy who wishes someone would send him stuff in the mail like people did to his sister. His sister kept getting letters in the mail with birthday cards in them wishing her a happy birthday and Nick wasn’t getting anything, his sister felt bad and for her birthday wish before blowing out the candles she wished that Nick would get something big and Pink in the mail. Next thing she knew Nick was getting Pink Flamingos, Pink pigs, Pink Elephants in the mail, which his mom did not approve of. Nick was still sad though because all he wanted was a letter in the mail from someone special, that gave his sister Eva an idea… It was a good book I liked it especially since all these animals came from the mailman’s pouch.

just mabel

I also read Just Mabel by Frieda Wishinsky, and this book was about a little girl who wants to be famous but a boy told her that she had a boring name and would never be famous with that kind of name. That made Mabel feel really sad, so she changed her name; except for the boys were bullies about everything Mabel did until she one day decided to ignore them. I think this book would be a good book to teach kids about bullying.

gooney bird is so absurd

The last book I read was Gooney Bird is so absurd by Lois Lowry. This book is about a girl who goes to school always wearing strange clothes to school and kid often tease her about it, considering she once showed up to class with underwear on her head. She is a very unique individual and isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes, and she shows that when a substitute teacher calls her out on her “uniqueness” but she didn’t do it in a nice way; that day she not only ended up standing up for herself but she also stood up for the other students in the class as well. I liked this book because it teaches kids to be unique and to be their own person even if others don’t like what you do.