I Am An Innovator

I really enjoyed reading both of the articles, “the Mindset of an Innovator”, and “The Unlearning curve”. I found it super easy to relate to the things we learned during block this semester to these two articles. I think I have become a more innovative learner and thinker. During my block class, we had to take different kinds of personality test that tell us what type of learners we are. Those articles really helped us reflect upon what our learning style is and personality as teachers. We are introduced to all the multiple intelligence and ways that we can meet those requirements for every student. We just have to be open towards what is out there. Sharing our results with the class was a huge reflection moment because of the different types of learners we have. It really got us thinking how we could accommodate for all those students that will one day be in our own classrooms. Some of the girls said they had a hard time being open to new ideas and after they saw the different learning styles they slowly started changing their minds.As a learner, we should also be open to trying new ideas even if it bends the rules of how things used to be done in the past. “I actively reflect on my learning, as I know looking back is crucial to moving forward” (Couro’s). I chose this passage from the article because as teachers we can never stop reflecting. Being a reflective teacher means you learn from the errors but instead of dwelling over them, you use those mistakes to improvise and better your lesson next time. Innovation in learning looks is basically, what the teacher finds best for the student not what is easiest for her as the teacher. As educators, we are always finding ways to help the students, I do believe that is what makes us innovators, we also never quit or “conform” to what they have done in the past, simply because that’s the way it had been for x amount of years.

When I first read the title of unlearning things I was so confused and wasn’t sure what to expect. But as I continued to read the article I found myself getting more interested in what it was about. I agree with a lot of the points the author brought up. There are a lot of things that we need to unlearn, and that doesn’t necessarily start with the students, it can start with us, the educators. One of the biggest things I unlearned this semester during block, is that we need to unlearn that every child is the same and that we can’t teach every child in the same manner. It is so easy to incorporate other ways or forms of multiple intelligence’s in our daily lessons. By doing this we can reach every student, because every student is NOT the same. Another quote that I found interesting was “We need to unlearn the practice that teaches all students at the same pace. Is it any wonder why so many of our students love to play online games…” (Richardson).

Both of the article were really interesting, and something to keep in mind as we go through out careers. I start student teaching in the fall so these two article are two that I will keep in my binder for “someday when I teach”.


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