Modern Day Education problems

One of the biggest problems that was mentioned, is the fact that students do not retain the knowledge. The entire process is useless and a waste of time, unless we can get students to retain the material. Our system places the importance of memorizing material right before a test, then after that the student doesn’t feel it is important; mainly because it’s normally something they won’t use in everyday life.

We need to figure out a way to change the structure and help the students hold onto what they have learned. Another problem is the fact we do not teach in a way that gives long lasting vivid memories. The school and the classroom are suitable for this. People tend to learn what they want to learn, because they feel it is import. Every student or human being has their own interests. When you are interested in something it makes it fun and you can learn almost by accident. Students need some sort of say in their education. Maybe if we want to maximize the educational process, we should give more school choice. We should let students follow their interests. Maybe let kids choose their future work path early, and build around it. I think once we figure out a way to harness a student’s own unique interests and abilities, we can start doing very special things with our education system. We can have a level of success we could have never dreamed of in the old system.

It is also no new secret that most of the stuff taught in school can be seen as useless. Based off the article and from my own personal experiences, a lot of the stuff we are taught can’t be applied to real world applications. Technology has lead to some amazing things. Although I still think it is important to teach simply math; today everyone has a phone, so they can just pull up the calculator instead of doing it on paper or in their head.  You can access information fast and easy today as well.  Just one press of a button and Siri is there to answer any question. The cold hard truth is we are needing old teaching material less and less by the day. The curriculum has not moved along with technology, and that is where I think we are really making the mistake.

We need to place the value in what students learn. We need to keep them learning and forget about the grade. The grade means little in the big picture. I would rather have a student at least learning what he is interested in, than having him cram for a test and forget it all. At that point you are just wasting time, and we could be having them learn something at least.


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