An easier week

Since I didn’t update anyone on my ILP project from two weeks ago I’ll take a few minutes to update all of you on that. Since the weather was so nice two weeks ago, I completely took advantage of it and went on walks around town all week. It was too nice to go into the gym and do something. It worked out perfect because it gave my friend Courtney and I a chance to catch up on what we did for Spring Break and just life in general. I really enjoyed going on walks because we would be out there for at least an hour and a half walking and time just flew by. I had to laugh because on one of the days we were out there walking we had a “great idea” of walking to McDonald’s to try their shamrock shakes. We didn’t actually go because that would totally defeat the purpose of exercising  and the main reason… we forgot our wallets in the car haha.

This past week, we did go back into the gym and it was more laid back we were both busy all week so we just went in and didn’t work as hard as we should have. Our main focus was just biking and on the treadmill. I enjoyed walking a lot more than being indoors. I was missing the warm weather and our walks around town. I also have some exciting news! So I decided to weigh myself the other day and to my surprise I had lost four pounds since I started working out. I realize four pounds isn’t a whole lot to brag about but I was excited to see that I was getting some results. My sister is all about working out and eating healthy so I have been telling myself that this summer I will be going with her everyday to work out, to make sure I keep losing weight and staying somewhat healthy. I have also been really good about staying away from candy and chocolate! It was so hard that first week because it just seems like when you can’t have something that’s when you want it the most.

I’m excited to see if I will lose any more weight from now until the semester is over. Pinterest has all kinds of weight loss ideas but I am kind of skeptical if their tips actually work or not. Half of me wants to give some of that a try but the other half says don’t be that weird girl that takes odd ideas off of Pinterest to lose weight. This process has made me realize how hard it is to lose a few pounds and I admire people who really get focused and give it their all to lose a lot of weight.


Googling My Name

I had googled myself in the past and never really found anything and no images either, so this time I didn’t expect to see any results once again. Well I typed Alondra Munoz into google and went straight to google images, and to my surprise there were TWO pictures of me! My first reaction was “What the heck, how did these get on here?” I was kind of scared at first too because those have never been there.  I clicked on them and the first image I found of myself was linked to my Pinterest account! The second image was linked to my Twitter account. I honestly had no idea that they would link to google! I didn’t even have to scroll very far to find those two images so I found it so weird!

Its interesting to see that those images were not there in the past. I have had a Pinterest for a very long time so I’m not sure why it’s just now showing up. Could it be because I have been a lot more active on Pinterest than in the past? My main source of social media is probably Facebook, I use Facebook the most because that is what my friends and family in Mexico use. I also have an Instagram but I don’t post anything. When I included my middle name, I had zero results for myself. I think that might be because I never put my middle name on anything. I also tried to include the name of my hometown to see if I would get more results, but a picture of my sister is about the only thing that popped up other than strangers.

In the actual search engine of Google I didn’t see anything about me in specific. This makes me think that if an employer were to try to Google me, they won’t find a whole lot of information about me. Especially not any recent news.  I wish I would have found more information about myself by just typing in my name. I had to type in my hometown at the end in order to get more results. even then, there still wasn’t much other than stats for when I played soccer in high school and honor roll news articles from Eastern Wyoming College and my high school. it also popped up with a page I liked on Facebook “Leighton’s Garage”, it’s an auto shop owned by some friends.

Digital Citizenship

What is digital citizenship? After exploring many different articles and videos, digital citizenship is a way to help people such as educators, parents, and students/children understand what people should know about using technology appropriately. Digital citizenship helps technology users become literate and prepares users to use the internet safely. It is important to go over different ways to stay safe and be responsible while using the internet. Growing up my parents never really talked to me about any of that, they just said don’t add people you don’t know on Facebook, and don’t be posting things you shouldn’t be. I knew better than to do any of that and I was too scared and still am to post anything! I think now it is becoming a bigger issue and it is something that needs to be addressed especially to younger users that might be exposed to this more.

A good comparison that I saw in one of the videos is that your online life is a lot like having electronic tattoos. A lot of times when a person has a tattoo, that tattoo defines them in a way. It’s important to teach students that once you get the electronic tattoo you are “Rolling up and down for a long time so be careful what you post”.

In a different article, I read, the author used props to try to get the point across for digital citizenship. The props the author used are a padlock, a toothbrush, tooth paste, and a permanent marker. The padlock represented creating strong passwords and usernames to avoid getting hacked. The toothbrush was used to remind students to not share passwords with other people, just like you wouldn’t share a toothbrush. The fourth item was a permanent marker, this is to remind students that once you post something it is really hard to get rid of especially if someone already saved it, took screen shots, or retweeted it. The last item was a tube a toothpaste and that represented the toothpaste in the tube and once it’s out of the tube it is hard to put it all back in the tube. I took this as, be careful what you say because you can try to take back your words or delete the message but you can’t always take everything you say back.

A big key to helping students be safe is that we must teach ethics and help them be ethical thinkers when using technology. A good way to incorporate being an ethical thinker, is to do role plays with the students so that they know what to do in certain risky situations. Something else that I didn’t read about but I thought would be good to add was to protect the kid’s devices. My little sister has a kid tablet and it’s great because it already came with a ton of games downloaded and there’s a kid mode and a regular mode. To exit the kid mode, you have to type the password so she can’t exit the kid mode on her own.

The websites I used are


Midterm reflection

I have enjoyed this class a lot more this semester than I did last. Due to some family deaths, last semester I felt like I didn’t fully engage in this class or even enjoy it. I felt as if I was doing assignments without a purpose, but I think it was just everything going on at home that made me feel that way. I was lucky enough to take some time off and come back the following semester to finish what I didn’t do. I am so glad I was able to do this because I can see the benefits of doing the assignments, reading the articles, and watching the Ted Talks. Being more on track this semester has definitely made it easier for me as well. Last semester I didn’t keep track of anything I did for each week, and this semester I make sure to follow and fill in each of the checklists which made blogging and the midterm exam so much easier.

I think this course has met all the expectations in regards to technology and becoming more tech understanding. While tweeting I often see good articles posted by the 100 people we had to follow on Twitter. While at first I thought, this was “dumb” I am glad I was able to do this. I have never had a twitter but it is nice to have one and make it only educational. It’s so much easier than trying to find articles, just by scrolling through the feed I constantly see educational blog posts or images that are inspiring. With my learning project I am a lot more engaged. I did like the project I did last semester but I am learning to enjoy this one a lot more. I like that this is a great way to push me to do something I wouldn’t normally do on my own. Having to blog became a lot easier as well, and I have learned to actually like blogging.

I think those first couple of modules are the hardest because of all the new technology. It’s like when you get a new phone there is just so much to learn about it and explore, it can sometimes be overwhelming. After you get the hang of it you realize it’s actually not that bad. In the second semester I hope to learn more about my ILP and hopefully get some good results. I also hope to just become more tech savvy overall.