It’s Monday! What are you reading?

This book is about a girl whose dreams come true. I really liked this book. I think it is a great book that shows kids to follow their dreams just like Jane did. I liked the ending the best because the author incorporates a picture of her and a chimpanzee just like “Jane’s” best friend in the book. The pictures in the book are also very appealing which is key to getting kids reeled into the book in my opinion. I think this book is good for all ages in elementary school.


Grandpa Green is about a boy who tells about his grandpa through the art his grandpa does with bushes. This one was one of my other favorite books. I liked this book because of the story plot, it doesn’t right away tell you what is going on. I liked how the bushes match what the little boy is saying. An example is when the boy says “in fourth grade he got chicken pox” the picture of that is of a trimmed bush of a boy who had chicken pox. The story of the book continues with little stories like that. It wasn’t until the end where the readers see the grandpa trimming the bushes to “remind” him of his childhood. It was a very cute plot line. I would recommend this book for grades 3 and below.

 grandpa green

This book is a great book for any teacher specifically music teachers to introduce instruments to their kids in a fun way. The illustration are fabulous and I enjoyed looking at every picture because of the color schemes. Another reason why I liked this book was because of the rhyming. This book could also be used to show kids what rhyming is. Once again this book is more for the little ones to get to know the instruments and rhyming.

zin zin zin a violin

My Friend Rabbit is a great book for the little ones to read. It is a simple and easy book to read for all ages. It is a great humorous book with some blank pictures for children to let their imaginations go wild and I really liked that. Many little kids can also relate to this book because of the story plot of a friend who is always up to no good, and that is something teachers can bring up before reading the book; that way they have that friend in mind while reading the book, it will make it more enjoyable. The illustrations were great too I enjoyed going back and just looking at the pictures.

 my friend rabbitThis book was cute and simple. I liked how each picture matched the letter and the letters slowly morphed into the big picture. This book is perfect for the little kindergarteners who are just learning about letters, it is a fun way to introduce them to the alphabet. I don’t expect any kids above first grade to read this book though.

alphabaticsThis is a funny book for children of all ages. I think this is a book they would like because they can just picture a pigeon driving the bus and find is hilarious. The pictures are also great and there isn’t a lot of reading to do so they won’t get bored. I remember having this book read to me when it first came out.

dont let the pigeon drive the busA Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever is a great book that most boys can relate to in many ways. These two boys go on a camp and spend the week with their grandparents which is something most little boys love doing. Their adventures continue throughout the whole week and are filled with exciting events which make the book fun to read. I really liked the whole story plot overall and the illustrations.

a couple of boys have the best week ever

 This book reminded me so much of the little tantrums my little sister throws when we can’t understand what she is saying. This book is sure to make someone chuckle because of Trixie and how hard she tries to let her parents know she lost Knuffle Bunny. I really liked how the pictures in the background were actual pictures taken from where the author is from and how the author incorporated the cartoon characters. This is one of my little sisters favorite books as well.

knuffle bunnyTo me this book is a great example of “don’t judge a book by its cover”. It didn’t seem like the rest of the books I had checked out with bright colors and interesting titles. After I read it though it turned out to be one of my favorite books. This book is about a man who goes to live with a turtle that he saved. I really liked the ending even though it was sad but in my opinion it gives the theme of don’t forget about those you love. I liked the ending but at the same time it made me sad and I wish it would have had a happier ending. I think this book is for the older group of kids above third grade and maybe even middle school.

seashore storyEven though this book is wordless I still really enjoyed it because of the great illustrations. This book left me speechless because of all the pictures. This book is great for kids to let their imaginations kick and add their own twist to the book. What I did not like about this book was that it confused me at first and I didn’t know what I was reading; but overall I liked the book. I think this book is good for all ages because just looking at the pictures is interesting.

sector 7



5 image story

If someone were to ask me if I were a reader I would say I am not a reader. I do not consider myself a reader because I do not read books at all and I do not enjoy reading books either. I would rather do something else than read a book. The only times I would read would be when I had to in school but other than that I would not do it for fun. As I was growing up I remember loving to read and I even got prizes for reading the most books, unfortunately my passion for reading went away as soon as I ended middle school. The only books I enjoy reading are picture books for children. I love looking at the pictures and I like reading books to my little sisters, as long as the book has pictures. I do not consider myself a reader because I like to be out and about and I cannot find time to read a book. I am also a slow reader and I lose interest really quickly when it comes to reading long books.


Story# 1: As a little kid I absolutely loved books I used to use the pictures to make up my own stories of what the book was about because I did not speak English and I most definitely did not read it either. As the year progressed I learned how to read and that got me hooked on reading for most of my elementary school years and middle school as well. My favorite books were No David and Clifford the Big Red Dog as well.

baby readingCC image courtesy of A Girl by Laura4Smith on Flickr

Story #2: In middle school the librarian gave out prizes to the students who read that most. Getting an incentive for reading books was a great motivation for me to read books. One time I read enough books to get a small basket full of goodies like candy, a book, and a mug that said I “heart” reading.

  candy bouquetCC image courtesy of Candy Bouquet by liltree on Flickr

Story #3: As I got into high school my passion for reading ended for multiple reasons. I started getting involved with school activities like attending football games, basketball games, and becoming a player at our soccer team. I realized that doing other activities instead of reading books was more entertaining, and I would much rather do that.

 soccerStory #4: another major factor that made me dislike reading was because of my freshmen English teacher. She assigned us to read eight books to read by a certain date, but we couldn’t choose just any book they had to meet her requirements and genres. I personally do not like not having a say in the books I read.

stack of booksCC image courtesy of Book Addiction by Emily Carlin on Flickr

Story #5: My senior year teacher also made me realize how much I dislike reading because of all the books she assigned us to read. I did not like how we never got to read a book that actually seemed to catch my attention rather it was always books that she liked. She made us read long and really boring books.


big book

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