Top Ten books

For my top ten lists of books that I read this semester I wanted to choose the theme of “Top Ten Books I Want to Read to My Students”. While looking at the long list of books I read I chose the following:

the one and only

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate I chose this book because I really liked the overall story plot line and I liked how the book expressed the emotions of the characters and it makes the readers also feel those emotions.

all the way to america

All the Way to America by Dan Yaccarino is a great book to teach kids about culture and how we all have ancestors that came to the United States and that is why we are all here.

No, David

No. David! by David Shannon is one of my personal favorites and every time I read it to any child they seem to enjoy all the bad things David does because they can relate to it and it is a book to get a great laugh out of.

The polar express

The Polar Express, by Chris Van Allsburg is also a great book for the little ones and even third and fourth graders about Christmas and being in the holiday spirit. I will definitely read this book during the Christmas season.

The Grump

The Grump by Mark Ludy is another one of my favorites that teaches the lesson of not judging a person from the outside because a person may never know what he or she has been through.

The Farmer

The Farmer by Mark Ludy as well is another book that I chose because it also teaches a great lesson about helping others. In the book the farmers crops keep going down but the farmer keeps his head up the whole time and in the end his crops were the biggest and even though no one wanted to help him he still helped his neighbor. The pictures in both books by Mark Ludy are phenomenal as well and I also think that it is important.

the christmas coat

The Christmas Coat: Memories of My Sioux Childhood by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve. I would read this book to my kids because if I do teach where I want to they can all or almost all of them can relate to the location of the book in Rapid City and I think they would find that very interesting.

The Mud fairy

The Mud Fairy by Amy Young is a great book to teach patience to kids and that all good things happen to those who can wait for what life will bring them. I really liked the illustrations as well.

martin de porres

Martin De Porres the Rose in the Dessert by Gary D. Schmidt was another one of my favorites that I want to read to my classroom kids because it has a great story plot line and a happy ending.

Love you, soldier

Love You Soldier by Amy Hest was a great book about a soldier and his family. I think the grades I plan to teach which are third or fourth graders would really enjoy this book and learn to appreciate their families more because I know that sometimes at that age they get to the point where parents can be “dumb” when they aren’t allowed to do what they want.


Its monday what are you reading?!?

For the very last “It’s Monday, What are you Reading” post I read five books.

My diary from here to there

The first book I read was My Diary from Here to There/ Mi Diario de Aqui Hasta Alla by Amada Irma Perez. This book was about a little girl that had to move from Juarez in Mexico to California because her dad lost his job and there weren’t many available jobs in Mexico. At the end of the book turns out that the little girl in the story is the Author Amada and that was her story of when her parents moved.

Surfer chick

The second book I read was Surfer Chick by Kristy Dempsey. This book was about a chicken that wanted to learn how to surf. Her dad bought her a nice pink surf board and she went out into the ocean but failed her first time. After she watched her dad surf she gained some confidence and decided to go out again and did a marvelous job surfing and even came up with her own trick.

Santa's Christmas Surprise

The third book I read was Santa’s Christmas Surprise by Robert Bernardini. This book was about Santa getting a Christmas surprise from people all over the world thanking him for all the joy he brings on Christmas.

The polar express

The next book I read was one of my favorites, The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg. The book is about a little boy who truly believes in Santa and gets to go to the North Pole where Santa will pick a kid and give away the first Christmas gift. Santa picks the little boy and the little boy asks for a bell from Santa’s sleigh, he ends up losing it but Santa returns it to him and as the years go by the people that don’t believe in Santa can’t hear the bell.

the amazing magic show

The last book I read was The Amazing Magic Show by P.J. Petersen. This book was about two boys named Hal and Chuck. Hal is the older brother and Chuck is the younger brother. Chuck becomes interested in magic and tries to do magic tricks of his own but Hal just laughs at him. It was a really funny book to read and full of magical adventures. I also liked how it was really easy to read and follow along.

Mock Caldecott

This post is a little late, I’ve been kind of busy the past week and a half but its better late than never. I think that it would be a great idea to have a Mock Caldecott award in the classroom. From what I read it seemed like a fun activity that the kids would enjoy. The kids would especially enjoy the part where they get to make their own award and name it themselves. This is a great idea because the kids would have fun with it while learning what the Mock Caldecott award is all about and what books go along with it. A problem that can be seen by having this is that not all the schools may approve of it but I think a possible solution would be offering it as an extra credit opportunity instead of trying to change the curriculum. Another problem that I could see is going back to the kids making their own award and getting upset because he or she didn’t win, granted they are fifth graders but there are some that still feel sad when they don’t win. Three books that really caught my eye from the list of Mock Caldecott books were Maple by Lori Nicholas, Ivan the Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla by Katherine Applegate, and The Troublemaker by Lauren Castillo. The book that grabbed my attention the most though was the Ivan book just because we read the other novel by Katherine Applegate and I really enjoyed that book, I think reading this book would make me appreciate the other book even more than I already do. The book Maple also seems really interesting just because of the story plot about the little girl and the maple tree she grew up with. The Troublemaker is another book that I would want to read because it seemed like a funny book about troublemakers.