Digital Storytelling

If I had to pick between podcasts and digital storytelling I would pick story telling in a heartbeat. I really enjoyed the digital stories a lot more, I am a visual learner so looking through the pictures made me focus a lot more to the words. It was also nice because it gave me a visual that I could expand on.

I think there are a lot of benefits to using these in your classroom with moderation. You don’t want to overdo it to where you aren’t even teaching the kids anymore. Throwing one in there from time to time wouldn’t be too bad. My favorite ones are the ones that make you reflect on your life or teach you a life lesson. I see quite a few of these on Facebook and it makes me want to go out and be a better person, or make changes to my life that will make me happier. Some disadvantages are that depending on the student, they might not be as engaged as others in this type of thing. If it were me and I had to just listen to something with no video or images it might be harder. I think to make it fair for all students, you could have a variety throughout the school year.

This is something you can have older students do, I remember all we ever did in English class was write an essay every other day and that got boring. I think instead of having the students write a personal narrative, you could have them create a digital story. They are short, sweet and to the point. I think this is something that they can chose to share with the class if they want to as well. Who knows you might get to know your classmates more by doing this and they might respect each other more if they choose to share. I know I would have really liked doing one of these especially because you can get so creative. Kids now a days know a lot about technology so it might be easier for them, and they love technology so why not give them the opportunity to do something like this.

I was surprised by what podcasts and digital stories were. When I think about podcasts I only think about sports podcasts and to me that just doesn’t sound fun. I honestly had no idea what digital storytelling was until this class. I find it so interesting that we have all these resources available to us and we often don’t take advantage of them.