Hanging in there

This week I was a bit on the lazy side, I did get the two hours for the class but I could have done more. I started working at the Phonathon again this month and with block and my job at the primary school things can get kind of hectic. I went in every day and did at least thirty minutes of biking and treadmill combined. I tried not to work so hard though because I didn’t want to show up sweaty and smelly to work (I know poor excuse); but I would feel really bad if the person sitting next to me had to smell me after working out really hard. I also didn’t lift at all this week I am hoping that this upcoming week will be better.

This week I did however, discover that my mood before going into the PAC has a huge influence on my work out. I have heard of that before but never actually experienced the effect of your mood on your workout. Anyways, on Wednesday I felt stressed out and kind of angry/upset, so when I went in there I put my hair up in a ponytail and I felt like I was ready to run a marathon. I started off just speed walking but I was still feeling kind of upset at the world so I sped it up and I was jogging, then jogging wasn’t good enough so I started running!  To be honest, I usually just walk those first couple of minutes before I start jogging but not that day! I started off speed walking and I was still feeling angry so I sped up the treadmill faster and faster. Next thing I knew I was running really fast and the music was playing really loud and good music on Pandora so it just kept me going. Needless to say, I ran a mile in 11 minutes. For me that was super impressive because I couldn’t tell you the last time I was able to run a mile! I know that 11 minutes is a really slow mile but I don’t run ever haha I am lucky if I ever make it to an actual jog before giving up after five minutes.

With that being said, I wish I could walk in angry to the weight room every day haha. Something that I would like to try out is take less time to run that mile. After seeing that I actually can run a mile, it motivated me to see how I could reduce that time. The rest of the week I didn’t go in there angry or upset so it was just a regular workout. Not going to lie though, after my workout I felt great, and less angry! So if any of you ever feel stressed or mad just go run a mile, you’ll be impressed at what you can do when you’re angry! J


6 thoughts on “Hanging in there

  1. Alondra,
    I can completely relate to your story of going into a workout angry/upset and then just killing a workout. When I first started my marathon training my miles were all 11 or 11:30 minute miles, and now I am able to run miles at around a 9:30 pace. It takes time, but it is well worth it! I think that it’s great that you ran a mile at all, considering you talked about the fact you used to give up after 5 minutes. For me, running has really been a mental challenge. There are many times my mind wants to give up way before my body is ready, it has always been about cheering myself on mentally to finish. I am also working towards shaving seconds/minutes off of my miles, I think it’s a great goal, although it takes time and hard work! Good job this week, getting out there and doing something is better than not doing anything at all!


    • Thank you! hopefully I can shave some minutes off that mile as well. It was nice to see that I am still capable of running a mile (angry) but I did it. The last time I ran a mile or more was my senior year of high school during soccer season so I didn’t think it would be something I could do just because I am so out of shape! I really liked reading about your progress because it shows me that it is possible to lower that time and like you said I have to cheer myself on mentally to finish. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post!


  2. I had also heard of working out being good stress relief, but have never personally experienced it. I think it is great you were able to get something out of your week! I hope you can continue your passion for working out as it seems you have been doing! Great job! I have heard making a good pump up music mix can work just as well as going in angry so that may be something to look in to!


  3. Alondra, I think it is so cool that you’re working out as part of your independent learning project. I am on the rodeo team, and we have to workout. I used to love working out, but like you my life is busy, so I’m glad that I have to got in. Sometimes I rather workout when I have had a bad day, since you are channeling your emotions into your workout rather then lashing out at someone. Keep up the good work!


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