Digital Citizenship

What is digital citizenship? After exploring many different articles and videos, digital citizenship is a way to help people such as educators, parents, and students/children understand what people should know about using technology appropriately. Digital citizenship helps technology users become literate and prepares users to use the internet safely. It is important to go over different ways to stay safe and be responsible while using the internet. Growing up my parents never really talked to me about any of that, they just said don’t add people you don’t know on Facebook, and don’t be posting things you shouldn’t be. I knew better than to do any of that and I was too scared and still am to post anything! I think now it is becoming a bigger issue and it is something that needs to be addressed especially to younger users that might be exposed to this more.

A good comparison that I saw in one of the videos is that your online life is a lot like having electronic tattoos. A lot of times when a person has a tattoo, that tattoo defines them in a way. It’s important to teach students that once you get the electronic tattoo you are “Rolling up and down for a long time so be careful what you post”.

In a different article, I read, the author used props to try to get the point across for digital citizenship. The props the author used are a padlock, a toothbrush, tooth paste, and a permanent marker. The padlock represented creating strong passwords and usernames to avoid getting hacked. The toothbrush was used to remind students to not share passwords with other people, just like you wouldn’t share a toothbrush. The fourth item was a permanent marker, this is to remind students that once you post something it is really hard to get rid of especially if someone already saved it, took screen shots, or retweeted it. The last item was a tube a toothpaste and that represented the toothpaste in the tube and once it’s out of the tube it is hard to put it all back in the tube. I took this as, be careful what you say because you can try to take back your words or delete the message but you can’t always take everything you say back.

A big key to helping students be safe is that we must teach ethics and help them be ethical thinkers when using technology. A good way to incorporate being an ethical thinker, is to do role plays with the students so that they know what to do in certain risky situations. Something else that I didn’t read about but I thought would be good to add was to protect the kid’s devices. My little sister has a kid tablet and it’s great because it already came with a ton of games downloaded and there’s a kid mode and a regular mode. To exit the kid mode, you have to type the password so she can’t exit the kid mode on her own.

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Midterm reflection

I have enjoyed this class a lot more this semester than I did last. Due to some family deaths, last semester I felt like I didn’t fully engage in this class or even enjoy it. I felt as if I was doing assignments without a purpose, but I think it was just everything going on at home that made me feel that way. I was lucky enough to take some time off and come back the following semester to finish what I didn’t do. I am so glad I was able to do this because I can see the benefits of doing the assignments, reading the articles, and watching the Ted Talks. Being more on track this semester has definitely made it easier for me as well. Last semester I didn’t keep track of anything I did for each week, and this semester I make sure to follow and fill in each of the checklists which made blogging and the midterm exam so much easier.

I think this course has met all the expectations in regards to technology and becoming more tech understanding. While tweeting I often see good articles posted by the 100 people we had to follow on Twitter. While at first I thought, this was “dumb” I am glad I was able to do this. I have never had a twitter but it is nice to have one and make it only educational. It’s so much easier than trying to find articles, just by scrolling through the feed I constantly see educational blog posts or images that are inspiring. With my learning project I am a lot more engaged. I did like the project I did last semester but I am learning to enjoy this one a lot more. I like that this is a great way to push me to do something I wouldn’t normally do on my own. Having to blog became a lot easier as well, and I have learned to actually like blogging.

I think those first couple of modules are the hardest because of all the new technology. It’s like when you get a new phone there is just so much to learn about it and explore, it can sometimes be overwhelming. After you get the hang of it you realize it’s actually not that bad. In the second semester I hope to learn more about my ILP and hopefully get some good results. I also hope to just become more tech savvy overall.

A better me!

After the break down I had last week, this week went by so much better for some reason. I focused on running this week more than lifting. I think I am probably going to get the results I started off wanting at the beginning of the semester if I stick to cardio and working on getting rid of my belly instead of lifting weights. I am also really weak so lifting weights isn’t really my forte.  I had a lot more motivation to go in and run this week as well. I think the motivation derived from trying to beat the time I had on the first time I ran that mile the week before when I was grumpy. I became competitive towards my own time, which I don’t know where that came from either because I am not a competitive person at all! I just remember running an eight-minute mile back in middle school so that 12-minute mile was not impressive to me at all; and that’s why I wanted to see if I could lower that time.

While scrolling through twitter the other day I saw a post that a friend of mine from back home posted, and it kind of made me feel guilty for not putting all the effort I can into this. The tweet said, “The best part about the gym is that you can’t cheat anyone but yourself. And if that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is. #stayLoyal” ~ Hallee Adams. I found this to be so true especially when it comes to working out. I am not an expert at this at all, but I think that you can’t expect to get results if you don’t put the effort into it and by doing this you’re only cheating yourself out of what your overall goal is.

As the week went by I realized that I started to become more aware of what I was eating too! Which is fantastic, I even caught myself looking at calories of most of the things I was planning on eating, and I even stopped myself! I know… it’s hard to believe that I would turn down a Kit-Kat but I totally did and it felt great! This week I went to Walmart and bought celery, carrots, mangos, all kinds of other fruits and vegetables. So now when I want to snack on something I get one of those things out. I usually like to snack on things when I get bored or I am doing homework so instead of going to get a bag of chips or a candy bar I get carrots instead. They aren’t as good as candy bars but it will help me get results hopefully. I am excited to see how the rest of the semester goes.

What is ds106?

Before this class, I had no idea what ds106 even meant. Ds106 is an online course that anyone can take by using the hashtag of the day. This course is free and available to anyone. People can join and leave whenever they would like. With Digital story telling you are able to use digital platforms for storytelling. They recommended not taking up more than eight minutes to do your digital story.

With ds106 people are able to send in their own ideas for assignments. The people who run ds106 save these “assignments” and put them up on their blog. The assignments are based off of using technology platforms to create their story. Some forms of technology that can be used are audio, video, drawing, photography, or writing. The options are so open to what students want to do. This site is so amazing because people from all over can join. I find it so amazing that the assignments are created by students, teachers, or anyone that wants to create something; it gives us a lot more liberty as to what kinds of assignments we want to do or see. I also find it so cool that it incorporates many forms of technology. I personally like images but by incorporating different forms of technology, this it makes me come out of that comfort zone and experiment with other platforms.

I have done these in the past and they are honestly so much fun to do! They are super easy and they don’t take a lot of time to complete. Some of them can get a little bit challenging if you aren’t too tech savvy but they are still pretty fun! Another thing you might struggle with at first is remembering to do this every day for 30 days. It’s usually that first week that is the hardest to remember to check what the new daily create will be, but after that you get hooked and check every day to see what’s new. It is always fun to see what other people come up with as well. This is such a great way to allow students to get creative and like I said almost everyone’s daily create is different. I will probably start here soon it’s never a bad idea to get started and get it out of the way. I hope everyone enjoys this daily creates as much as I do!

I need some motivation please!

Keeping the workout routine! This week has been kind of ehh for me. I think I’m to the point where I want to see results but it takes time so I am kind of getting a little frustrated not going to lie. I am also confused as to what exactly I want to be doing. Do I want to lose weight or do I want to gain muscle? It would be nice to do both but I don’t know how I am going to get rid of the belly by doing squats. I was also told that it is really hard to do both. Maybe I just need to sit down for a little and decide on one or the other because right now trying to do both is not working out so great for me. I need to focus on doing one of those two things and sticking to it. Hopefully that will get me better results in the long run.

It’s hard because in the moment I feel like I am pushing myself but then after I am done working out or lifting I feel like I could have pushed myself harder. Every week I tell myself this will be my week to really push myself but then I don’t do it. I don’t know if I just don’t have the right play list on my phone to really get me going, or if I am just lacking motivation. Does anyone have any advice to push me to work harder or good songs that really get you going in the gym?

I also told myself I would stop eating sweets but I decided to “start” on the wrong week with Valentine’s day this past week. We had a Valentine’s day party at school, then at work, and later on, with some friends. So there went that idea of trying to eat better. However, lent is coming up soon so I might give it a try then and give up sweets for lent. I bet that will be a good way to keep me away from all of that and make this process go faster!

This is also the last week of phonathon so I will be less stressed out and hopefully have more time to push myself and work harder. I don’t know if that counts as an excuse for my lack of motivation or if it’s an actual issue I am having right now as well. Wish me luck this upcoming week!


“When there’s a problem, hit it with a question”

I decided to do some research on inquiry based learning. I chose this because I think it is something that will go great with the standards without making it seem like you’re not following them. Inquiry based learning is basically triggering student curiosity. Which according to the article I read, sparking curiosity is more important than information delivery. This approach allows the teacher to hand the responsibility over to the students.

This technique is a great way to “combat” the “I don’t know” answer we always get when we ask about what they want to know or learn about. With this approach, it brings excitement to the students and they begin to be curious and want to ask and answer their own questions. To do this as the teacher we should bring in pieces of information that will trigger their enthusiasm and curiosity. This will get their brains working and allow them to come up with good questions and discussions they can have as a class.

There are four steps to inquiry based learning. The first step is that the students come up with questions they are hungry to answer. The second step is researching the topic using class time. Be their model but at the same time allow them to do the research that way they can learn more about the topic and come up with more questions on their own instead of you as the teacher just answering any question they have. The third step is, have students present the information they learned. This allows them to share with the class what new information the learned and hopefully have some input from their classmates. The last step is to ask the students to reflect on what worked and what didn’t work. this will allow them to think about how they learned and not just what they learned.

I think this is such a great approach to use when teaching science or social studies. As I observe different classrooms I can see how students just aren’t engaged in these subject areas as they should be. After reading different articles I feel like what they need is this type of approach. One that gets them thinking and curios, and at the same time wanting to go out and do their own research to share with their classmates.

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Hanging in there

This week I was a bit on the lazy side, I did get the two hours for the class but I could have done more. I started working at the Phonathon again this month and with block and my job at the primary school things can get kind of hectic. I went in every day and did at least thirty minutes of biking and treadmill combined. I tried not to work so hard though because I didn’t want to show up sweaty and smelly to work (I know poor excuse); but I would feel really bad if the person sitting next to me had to smell me after working out really hard. I also didn’t lift at all this week I am hoping that this upcoming week will be better.

This week I did however, discover that my mood before going into the PAC has a huge influence on my work out. I have heard of that before but never actually experienced the effect of your mood on your workout. Anyways, on Wednesday I felt stressed out and kind of angry/upset, so when I went in there I put my hair up in a ponytail and I felt like I was ready to run a marathon. I started off just speed walking but I was still feeling kind of upset at the world so I sped it up and I was jogging, then jogging wasn’t good enough so I started running!  To be honest, I usually just walk those first couple of minutes before I start jogging but not that day! I started off speed walking and I was still feeling angry so I sped up the treadmill faster and faster. Next thing I knew I was running really fast and the music was playing really loud and good music on Pandora so it just kept me going. Needless to say, I ran a mile in 11 minutes. For me that was super impressive because I couldn’t tell you the last time I was able to run a mile! I know that 11 minutes is a really slow mile but I don’t run ever haha I am lucky if I ever make it to an actual jog before giving up after five minutes.

With that being said, I wish I could walk in angry to the weight room every day haha. Something that I would like to try out is take less time to run that mile. After seeing that I actually can run a mile, it motivated me to see how I could reduce that time. The rest of the week I didn’t go in there angry or upset so it was just a regular workout. Not going to lie though, after my workout I felt great, and less angry! So if any of you ever feel stressed or mad just go run a mile, you’ll be impressed at what you can do when you’re angry! J