Googling My Name

I had googled myself in the past and never really found anything and no images either, so this time I didn’t expect to see any results once again. Well I typed Alondra Munoz into google and went straight to google images, and to my surprise there were TWO pictures of me! My first reaction was “What the heck, how did these get on here?” I was kind of scared at first too because those have never been there.  I clicked on them and the first image I found of myself was linked to my Pinterest account! The second image was linked to my Twitter account. I honestly had no idea that they would link to google! I didn’t even have to scroll very far to find those two images so I found it so weird!

Its interesting to see that those images were not there in the past. I have had a Pinterest for a very long time so I’m not sure why it’s just now showing up. Could it be because I have been a lot more active on Pinterest than in the past? My main source of social media is probably Facebook, I use Facebook the most because that is what my friends and family in Mexico use. I also have an Instagram but I don’t post anything. When I included my middle name, I had zero results for myself. I think that might be because I never put my middle name on anything. I also tried to include the name of my hometown to see if I would get more results, but a picture of my sister is about the only thing that popped up other than strangers.

In the actual search engine of Google I didn’t see anything about me in specific. This makes me think that if an employer were to try to Google me, they won’t find a whole lot of information about me. Especially not any recent news.  I wish I would have found more information about myself by just typing in my name. I had to type in my hometown at the end in order to get more results. even then, there still wasn’t much other than stats for when I played soccer in high school and honor roll news articles from Eastern Wyoming College and my high school. it also popped up with a page I liked on Facebook “Leighton’s Garage”, it’s an auto shop owned by some friends.


11 thoughts on “Googling My Name

  1. I find that pretty crazy that you remember googling yourself in the past and how it has changed. I know I have googled myself and others in the past but I could not remember what I found previously. Sometimes I wonder how things got there… similar to your Pinterest account being linked to google. I mean out of all the social media and other online accounts… Pinterest was one… but why? Sometimes I really want to know why things happen but in this case I think the internet is to powerful for me and I would be very confused as to why things happen. I hope your google stays clear with minimal pictures and sources linked to your name 🙂
    Take care!


    • It is so scary because I post a lot of pictures on Facebook and none of those showed up so I’m not so sure how the Pinterest picture showed up. I’ve never posted anything inappropriate but I remember teachers telling us to be careful of what pictures we post because we never know who might see those images and they were so right!


  2. Alondra,
    I had very similar results when I entered my first, middle, and last names. There wasn’t anything that came up that I recognized or thought belonged to me. I also thought that this was probably because I never put my middle name on anything that I post or create on the internet. It is always interesting to see what you might find!


    • It makes me wonder if there are people out there that find all kinds of information about themselves. For the most part, all of us had about the same results and I wasn’t too concerned, but it made me wonder if there are people out there with all their information up on the internet.


  3. Alondra, I was also scared when I saw my pictures on google from my Facebook and Pinterest because I thought I had my setting to completely private. I think it is a good thing that you didn’t find that many more pictures because then you know almost all of your stuff is private instead of people getting to see everything about you. Maybe in the future you will be able to find some more stuff on there when you type your name in!


    • I thought I had my information set to private as well, but I am not really familiar with twitter so I wonder what my settings there are set to. It’s also scary because you don’t know who can just use your pictures as their own to create a fake Facebook account or any other social media.


  4. I only found 2 pictures of me as well! Both were Twitter photos! I think it is crazy that it links as well, though safe to say that’s the only thing! I think it is scary though because I know a girl who has to use a fake name on FB because she doesn’t want her dad to be able to find her! So if she has anything else and he types in her name it could be in images… That would suck.


    • That is scary! I never really thought about that. I don’t even know how to go about it because I thought I had it figured out by having most of my information blocked but I still found some stuff.


  5. ryanlmosier says:

    I laughed when I found a photo of me and it was my twitter for this class. I wanted to find more about me on google just like you but i suppose it is good that we can’t find much. With digital citizenship what age should we start to talk to children about it?


  6. It’s not always a bad thing if you can’t find much on yourself when you google you name. I personally think it is better to find nothing then a bunch of stuff you wish people didn’t know about you. I enjoyed reading your post. Keep up the good work.


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