Midterm reflection

I have enjoyed this class a lot more this semester than I did last. Due to some family deaths, last semester I felt like I didn’t fully engage in this class or even enjoy it. I felt as if I was doing assignments without a purpose, but I think it was just everything going on at home that made me feel that way. I was lucky enough to take some time off and come back the following semester to finish what I didn’t do. I am so glad I was able to do this because I can see the benefits of doing the assignments, reading the articles, and watching the Ted Talks. Being more on track this semester has definitely made it easier for me as well. Last semester I didn’t keep track of anything I did for each week, and this semester I make sure to follow and fill in each of the checklists which made blogging and the midterm exam so much easier.

I think this course has met all the expectations in regards to technology and becoming more tech understanding. While tweeting I often see good articles posted by the 100 people we had to follow on Twitter. While at first I thought, this was “dumb” I am glad I was able to do this. I have never had a twitter but it is nice to have one and make it only educational. It’s so much easier than trying to find articles, just by scrolling through the feed I constantly see educational blog posts or images that are inspiring. With my learning project I am a lot more engaged. I did like the project I did last semester but I am learning to enjoy this one a lot more. I like that this is a great way to push me to do something I wouldn’t normally do on my own. Having to blog became a lot easier as well, and I have learned to actually like blogging.

I think those first couple of modules are the hardest because of all the new technology. It’s like when you get a new phone there is just so much to learn about it and explore, it can sometimes be overwhelming. After you get the hang of it you realize it’s actually not that bad. In the second semester I hope to learn more about my ILP and hopefully get some good results. I also hope to just become more tech savvy overall.


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