What is ds106?

Before this class, I had no idea what ds106 even meant. Ds106 is an online course that anyone can take by using the hashtag of the day. This course is free and available to anyone. People can join and leave whenever they would like. With Digital story telling you are able to use digital platforms for storytelling. They recommended not taking up more than eight minutes to do your digital story.

With ds106 people are able to send in their own ideas for assignments. The people who run ds106 save these “assignments” and put them up on their blog. The assignments are based off of using technology platforms to create their story. Some forms of technology that can be used are audio, video, drawing, photography, or writing. The options are so open to what students want to do. This site is so amazing because people from all over can join. I find it so amazing that the assignments are created by students, teachers, or anyone that wants to create something; it gives us a lot more liberty as to what kinds of assignments we want to do or see. I also find it so cool that it incorporates many forms of technology. I personally like images but by incorporating different forms of technology, this it makes me come out of that comfort zone and experiment with other platforms.

I have done these in the past and they are honestly so much fun to do! They are super easy and they don’t take a lot of time to complete. Some of them can get a little bit challenging if you aren’t too tech savvy but they are still pretty fun! Another thing you might struggle with at first is remembering to do this every day for 30 days. It’s usually that first week that is the hardest to remember to check what the new daily create will be, but after that you get hooked and check every day to see what’s new. It is always fun to see what other people come up with as well. This is such a great way to allow students to get creative and like I said almost everyone’s daily create is different. I will probably start here soon it’s never a bad idea to get started and get it out of the way. I hope everyone enjoys this daily creates as much as I do!


4 thoughts on “What is ds106?

  1. I think it is really cool how excited you are for the daily creates! I think that they are really going to be fun and make me jump out of my comfort zone a lot. I’m totally with you when you say that photography is easy and the other media are challenges. I definitely will be doing a lot of photography ones! I just use an alarm on my phone to help me remember to do the daily creates, I have it set later in the day to give me time to try to remember it on my own but at around 4 pm I have to do it once my alarm goes off!


  2. ryanlmosier says:

    I think one of the things with this website and class that makes it very innovative is the fact that the possibilities are endless. You can use whatever format you want based on how you learn and what type of things make sense. Audio does nothing for me but if you show me pictures I learn and remember much more.


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