Comic Books and Canva

This week I decided to mess around with the comic book app and canva. I thought that these two would be fun to check out just because I could relate them to my classroom easier. During my observations, last year, I saw how the second graders liked to make comic books in computer class. So, I thought I could check it out and get more experience working with it so I could use it later in my classroom one day. While I was reading more about the  Comic book site, it said that you could print your comic book and I thought it would be a cute idea to have the kids make their comic books and then get them printed and give them each their own comic book as like an end of the year present or a Christmas present. I realize that this would cost some money, but I think it would be worth it in the end, and it would make the kids happy to get an actual copy of their comic book. I am familiar with Bitstrips; although I have never used them I knew of a lot of friends that used them on Facebook and come up with funny captions. I don’t see this as much as I used to but I thought it seemed cool at the time. This kind of reminds me of the bitmoji’s you can use on snapchat. I have never used those either but they seem like a lot of fun and the characters seem like the same characters used for the bitstrips.

For the Canva website, it had its pros and cons to it. It was very confusing and it seemed that a lot of the things you could click on weren’t working and it was making me frustrated. I had a hard time getting around the site without wanting to quit. On the other hand, though I think I can see this as a good site to use with the older grades. I just think I need to be able to know how it works to show the rest of the students so they don’t go through the same frustrations as I did.  I remember for one of my classes in high school we would constantly be making posters and I kind of wish we would have had a website like this Canva site to get them done; they just seem so much nicer than doing them on word. I took advantage of this site and killed two birds with one stone and made an ad for a different class. Not that we needed an ad but I thought I might as well play around and make an ad with something I can use for a different class.


2 thoughts on “Comic Books and Canva

  1. Alondra, you have some great ideas! Having your students make comic book strips or posters could be fun and educational at the same time. I wish I would’ve known about tools like Canva when I was in high school, as well! Great post!


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