Working Together is Better!



This week I was looking through Pinterest and found a really cute art project idea that I thought I could do with the entire class. The project on Pinterest had a picture of a student working on a color wheel by gluing magazine pictures to the color wheel. The teacher had a giant circle color wheel made up by cardboard, and magazine cut outs. Taking this original idea, I made some modifications to the color wheel and tried to make it a little bit more of my own. Instead of having a circle as the color wheel, I made it in to a flower with six points to have the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet or purple. To save some time on this project and for this class I decided to make a small example of what I would do for my actual classroom. In my classroom I would make it be a much bigger flower and allow the kids to slowly work on it during their free time individually when they have time, or as a whole class if I set some time aside for them to work on it on Fridays, or maybe both! I used cardboard to make the flower and I luckily had a couple of magazines that I cut out the six colors from the color wheel and glued them on to the cardboard. This was a very tedious and time consuming project but I loved the end result. I think that this will be such a great project to teach kids about the results of working together as a team and helping each other accomplish something bigger. This will also give my students some bonding time to work together and get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I haven’t decided if I wanted to show the example to my students right away or to just give a brief explanation without much detail on what we are doing and have them slowly figure it out on their own. If I show them the example than they can see what the end results will be and hopefully they will work hard to get the color wheel finished and call it their own. On the other hand, I would like to just keep it a secret and leave the suspense of what the end results will be and keep them wondering. Any suggestions on what would be more fun for them?



10 thoughts on “Working Together is Better!

  1. This is a great project. I love color wheels of any kind. They’re always so pretty. I bet they will look great hung up around the classroom too, if you so choose. I can see making the argument either way – showing them or not showing them. I vote for showing them. I think back to when I was a kid and know it would have made me nervous not to see the end goal for projects like these – especially when working in groups.


  2. Beautiful! This sounds like a fun project. In terms of your question, I think it would be interesting to leave the project open-ended. Your example is a flower, but if you only gave students basic instructions it would be night to see all sorts of the shapes and designs they could come up with. They would all finish in the same spot, more or less, but get to take their own journey reaching it. However, I think it would be successful no matter how you do it. Good post!


  3. I love this idea. I’m an art ed major so I will probably end up teaching how to make color wheels every school year for the entirety of my teaching career. I think this is a great and creative way to mix it up a bit!


  4. Great idea! This is definitely a fun activity for students to work on. It is hands on and deals with colors. Plus, it is easy enough for a majority of the classroom to be able to participate in.


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