Take a Stand!

I actually didn’t mind reading the articles on Digital Activism. I was able to relate what I was reading to what my capstone class is about the whole time. I am currently taking Social Media and Democracy class as a capstone and I never thought that I would be able to relate that class to any other class, little did I know we would have a whole week dedicated to social media and activism! I think that social media is a great way to get active on a movement especially in today’s world where we have so much access to all kinds of social media platforms. Another thing why I think that social media is great is because living in such small towns it can sometimes be hard to get involved with a social movement, and social media allows people to get connected and involved throughout the nation.

While I was looking at the teen nominees I saw that almost all of them were using social media to help suicidal thoughts and help students in need. I chose to read more into the Buddy Project by Gaby Frost. What she basically did was get a twitter account and through her account she created this Buddy Project program that partnered up two people that were having suicidal thoughts or simply need someone to talk to. She also tweets, shares pictures and other motivational and inspirational things on her page. She now has a YouTube account as well and hopes that it will expand on to other social media platforms.

I think that if a person really sets their mind to it activisms can be very effective. In order to get there though a person should start off by taking baby steps and really follow their goals in order to make a change. I have never participated as an activist, I kind of just avoid all of that kind of stuff. I do however, like pages on Facebook or different images, but I don’t share anything or really contribute to making a change or starting a movement.

I think that as educators some issues we should consider is making sure that we emphasize the importance of social media and how it can be used in a positive manner. We want to make sure that we influence kids to use social media positively and for good causes and not to promote misbehavior and bully other kids on social media platforms. There are so many things that people can advocate through social media that can help towards a good cause. I found the module interesting because I could really relate to it and I also found the teen nominees interesting as well. I think they are a prime example of how to use social media in a positive way and encourage other children to do the same.


7 thoughts on “Take a Stand!

    • Definitely, I think that it is better to teach them how to use it wisely early enough because we are in time period where kids are so easily exposed to the internet and different devices, it is important to teach them those kinds of things.


  1. I liked this unit as well. I’m so sad kids are facing such heavy issues at such young ages. I know it’s nothing new, but I just want the world to be happy and feel loved. I think it’s amazing all these teenagers saw a need for support and made it. I think Gaby was the one who was working in several different languages too, (I could be thinking of a different one) which I thought was beyond stellar.


    • It is sad and I see this kind of stuff even in elementary schools! I’m not sure if it was Gaby who was working with other languages as well, but I think I remember her saying that she hopes to make her project be global…but I could also be wrong on that one.

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  2. I too looked at the Buddy project! It’s astonishing that a teen would come up with this project in hopes of benefiting her peers. So much power is put into teens to make a difference and it’s enjoyable to see someone use it for good. Social media is where many go to vent about troubles and there is where they can best communicate with others to recieve help.


    • I agree with you! I think that it is such a great way of using the resources we have now to help others. Before the internet and all the access we have to social media people didn’t have these types of tools to use to vent, so its great that teens like her can put the best of what’s available to them to help others.


  3. It sounds like the nominee you chose is doing a lot to make a difference in the lives of others and to make a difference in the world. You did a great job of explaining digital activism! Social media really does give us a way to make our voices heard and to help spread an important message. Thanks for sharing, Alondra!


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