Week 5 ILP

This week for my independent learning project I did several art activities. The first one I did was the color wheels, I realized I probably should have started the color wheel the first week but I was still trying to get myself organized on what and how I wanted to do my project. I figured the color wheel would be a good start so if I were to do it in my classroom that is probably where I would start. I found an outline from when I took art for the elementary school teacher and used that to do the primary color wheel, which I would teach first, then I did the secondary color wheel as well.

Along with the color wheel I also did a hand drawing using warm colors and cool colors. I would teach the lesson to the kids about what the warm colors are and what the cool colors are. I would then let them draw their hand and pick their colors. The point of the activity is to get the kids to see the difference between warm and cool, and also 3D.

For my last activity I worked with the second grade teacher and we had our second graders make fall wreaths. These were so much fun to make and the kids loved it, and it was so simple to make. All we did was got a paper plate and cut out the center to have just the outside. I also pre-cut the leaves for them using green, yellow, red, orange, and brown construction paper. We then handed out all the leaves and plates to the kids and they just glued the leaves around the plate. I liked that we did this in class and I hope that it counts as part of my project because I learned so much from it. I learned that you can never have enough leaves haha and that you have to give kids really good instructions on what they are doing because they can get easily confused.

I also decided this week how I was planning on doing my art projects from now on. I plan on doing my project by seasons and holidays so that when the time comes, I am not scrambling through Pinterest trying to find art projects. I also plan on neatly putting my projects in those clear sleeves labeled and sectioned off by holiday and season, and store them away in Sterlite storage drawers until I need to use them.  Overall, I think that I have this well-organized now and I am really enjoying this so far.


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