PLN blog:

When I first learned about this assignment I had no idea what a Personal Learning Network was. After doing some research, watching a video on it, I realized that this is a good thing to have as future educators. In a way this is such an easy way to keep yourself updated with what is going on in the educational world. As educators, we always have to be updated with the newest trends in education and what better way to do so than by doing it online and connecting with other people who share the same interests and ideas. I am so glad I was able to learn about this now. I recently created a twitter specifically for this class; so I think that instead of deleting it like I had originally planned I will actually keep it. Since it’s a new account I didn’t have any followers and it was nice to have to follow 100 education accounts on twitter, I think this was a good start for my plan.

A Personal learning plan is network of people all working together and collaborating to stem knowledge in a more personal environment. With that being said a Personal Learning Network allows the user to have a lot of control. As the learner, we can choose who we have in our learning group. Who we follow, and this is where the 100 twitter accounts come in play. I chose to follow a lot of elementary education and preschool users; in hopes that I can gain so more knowledge about the different tools, resources and tips for my future. Some of those accounts even followed me back! I will continue to follow more educators and sites that I can hopefully use as a guide someday.

Sharing resources is also a great idea to connect with other people who might follow me. The biggest problem I see is that I am not much of a social media kind of person. I don’t necessarily like to publish or share a lot of things on Facebook. Remembering to tweet something or share something interesting has always been kind of a tough one for me; but I’m sure I can grow out of that. Especially if I plan on making my twitter account strictly professional. I am actually pretty excited to see how great this will turn out and how many resources I can find


2 thoughts on “PLN

  1. jaylinnlohrdigitalliteracy says:

    Great job on your blog. I didn’t know what a PLN was until I did some research. You did a great job of explaining what it was!


  2. Great post, Alondra! I did not know anything about PLNs either until I researched it. I also created a Twitter account just for this class and figured I wouldn’t need it once the semester was over. I am realizing now, though, that it is part of my PLN that I can use throughout my career as an educator!


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