Learner essentials

The article “Centering the Essential Lenses” was a pretty good article. I thought that some of the points that he made are essential to learners. Some of those points that I agreed with were “making, hacking, and playing”. We need to allow kids to make things, I think that as the years have gone by we have in a way taken that away from them. I see a lot of kids being spoon fed all the time and not allowing the students to put their minds to work and make something of their own. We are always playing by the rules that we forget they are still kids and they need to be able to make things and make things on their own. This also goes hand in hand with “hacking” like the article and ted talks talked about, hacking isn’t a bad thing. The word has just been modified to fit today’s society. It’s okay to allow kids to explore things on their own and try to “hack” the system to benefit themselves. Playing is the other term that the author used in the article. Play time is important especially for younger kids. In all of my classes they tell us that we need to allow kids to have a break but then you get to the actual school system and they will sit in their desks for hours and hours just working, kids lose interest so quickly by doing that. I wish the article would have gone in a little bit more detail than it did and maybe more examples of what could be done for each of the essentials. I was unsure about what he meant by the last point, which was “centering” did he mean like have goals set up in the classroom or what?

After reading the article and watching the ted talks I will try to keep in mind and do what I can to keep the creativity in my classroom. I have always thought that keeping the students engaged in what they are learning is a good way to help the students remember what they are learning for the future.

Overall the reading was good. The author brought up very important points that as educators we should always keep in mind. I do believe that there are more essentials to add to the list though, and maybe I can think of some later on during the school year to add on to this.


2 thoughts on “Learner essentials

  1. You’re so right about the disappearance of play from school! Breaks are essential for all of us, and play is really how we learn best. In my experience, the most successful and effective teachers are the ones who can turn academic work into play and allow students to explore and engage in inquiry as they learn.


    • As I am doing my observation hours I often see some teachers struggling to keep if fun for the kids but it is so hard especially since they switched to a new curriculum where its just worksheets and word for word out of the book what they are supposed to say. I hope that I can overcome this barrier once I am put into the same situations as those teachers.


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