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I thought that the Ted Talk “Hackingschooling Makes Me Happy” was a very inspirational video. It was for sure a big eye opener to a few things that I think need to be changed in how the school systems work. This young man brought up so many valid points that the regular school system lacks but yet we expect the students to have almost everything figured out by a certain age. Like he often said we spend so much time asking kids what they want to be when they grow up but we don’t give them opportunities to experience what they truly want to be when they grow up. We teach them the basics of English, Math, Science, etc. and expect students to build a lifelong career around that, yea that is a good start but there are so many job opportunities out there other than being a teacher, a doctor, a dentist, etc. but a lot of kids can’t experience what this boy is in the regular school system. I found it so interesting that at a young age he is already learning so much about what he wants to do when he grows up. It’s crazy that at his age he also gets to intern and work doing something he loves and getting the experience along with all the other experiences. Another create quote that I agree with 100% was that “education is oriented more towards making a living not a life”. I don’t think they could have said it any better. I think that there are a lot of things that could be taught about life but we focus too much on the what the school systems rules that they don’t get to learn and things they will need in life. I remember hearing a lot of classmates complain about taking a calculus class and thinking it was dumb to be in that class because they wouldn’t need to know any of that. They would also mention how they would much rather take a class that taught them more about life and prepare them for life, such as learning how to pay bills, how to take a loan out, or even simple information such as calling to make an appointment. At the same time though it’s hard to change the system when that’s what we’ve always had and those are things that are important to know; and its sad to see schools dropping other classes like art and music to spend more time reading and writing or doing math. We lose creativity in the schools every day; but I guess there’s just not enough hours of the day to be able to teach kids more than the basic.


3 thoughts on ““Hackingschooling” blog

  1. jaylinnlohrdigitalliteracy says:

    I totally agree. The way our school system is set up right now does not allow students to enjoy learning. I think that hackschooling is awesome and we as future teachers need to use it.


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