This week I read The Mud Fairy by Amy Young, No, David by David Shannon, Do Monkey’s Tweet by Melanie Walsh, and Best Shot in the West by Patricia C. McKissack.

The Mud fairy

The first book is The Mud Fairy by Amy Young. This book is about a little girl who wants to earn her fairy wings like the rest of the girls but in order to do so she has to be good at something. All the other fairies are good at something and she just can’t find anything she is good at. After trying and trying to be good at something the big fairy realized that she was good at something the whole time and that is being in the mud and helping the frogs.

No, David

The second book I read was No, David by David Shannon. I have been waiting to read this book for such a long time and I was finally able to check it out so I was super excited. This book is about David Shannon and it describes the things David wasn’t allowed to do when he was five. When David Was five, he wrote this book and after he grew up he actually published it. This is one of my favorite books even though it’s really short.

do Monkey's Tweet

The third book I read was Do Monkey’s Tweet by Melanie Walsh. The first thing that came to my mind about this book was Twitter… but this book is not about Twitter and Monkeys, this book is about animals and the noises they make. It was a cute book for little kids my baby sister sure enjoyed it.

Best shot in the west

The last book I read was Best Shot in the West by Patricia C. McKissack. This book was about Nat Love also known as “Deadwood Dick” a black man that becomes a cowboy to help support his family after a few of his family members died. He was kidnapped by Native Americans, they were really impressed with his shooting talent that they wanted him to stay and get married to one of their own. I really liked this book it gave me a little history lesson about Nat Love.


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