It’s Monday What are You Reading

black cat

The first book I read for It’s Monday what are you reading was Black Cat. This book was about a black cat that roams the streets because he doesn’t have home and people wonder if he has a place of his own, but his doesn’t because anywhere he roams is his home.

The second book I read was Cat Parade. This book was about cats having a parade and then a mouse shows up to ruin the parade then the mice have a parade of their own. I didn’t really like this book it was very repetitive and didn’t really catch my attention, I did however, like the illustrations and the vivid colors.

The third book I read was Too Tall House. This book is about an owl and a rabbit who are best friends and they turn into “enemies” when each of them want to have the biggest house. They eventually get over it when their houses tip over and they realize they could have made the perfect little house together.

The fourth book I read was The Christmas Coat. This book was about a girl named Virginia who is native American and she needs a new coat but every time the theast boxes come with clothes for families in need she never gets the opportunity to get a new coat because as her mom tells her “others need it more than we do”. When she thought she found the perfect coat a mean girl takes it and shows it off at school but little does she know that the coat smells like a wet dog when the coat gets wet, soon she realized she was glad she didn’t get that coat. As I was reading the back cover it mentioned that this family was from the Sioux reservation and now live in Rapid City, South Dakota. I thought that was very interesting considering I go to Rapid City almost every weekend; so I was able to have that connection with the location.

The last book I read was The Boxcar Children. This book is about four children whose parents pass away and they have to go live with their grandpa. They believe that the grandpa is mean so they decide to run away from home and try to make it on their own. They find a boxcar and they make that their home. Henry is the oldest of the boys and he has to provide for his siblings, he finds a job working for a doctor and eventually all of his siblings start working for him. I liked this book because it had a nice story plot and I really liked the ending so I won’t spoil it for those who want to read it.

(The rest of the pictures didn’t want to upload)


One thought on “It’s Monday What are You Reading

  1. I have seen The Christmas Coat at the library. Now I want to check it out and read it! I love the illustrations in Black Cat. I heard Christopher Myers speak at the NCTE conference last week and he had such smart and funny things to say.


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