While reading the article there are a lot of things that I learned about that skyping that I didn’t know about before. For example, I didn’t realize that Skyping had been around since 2003! I would want to give a Skype visit with an author a try. I think Skyping with an author would be a great way to get the students excited about reading a book and actually being able to talk to the author and ask all the questions they have and get them answered. I know that while reading a book with the whole class, kids often have questions that they want answers to but it’s sometimes hard to come up with logical answers or why the author decided to do what they did. Some advantages that come with Skyping is that the students get that interaction with an author, they also get all their questions answered. Another advantage would be that it gets kids motivated to read a book because they know that if they read the book they will be able to have that interaction with the author. Some disadvantages would be technical issues, like no connection or hard to understand the author. When that happens kids will easily loose interest which defeats the purpose of having that cool experience of talking to an author. I’ve never had the experience to skype with an author but I have skyped before and it gets a little frustrating when the screen freezes or the person on the other side talks but you can’t hear his or her voice or its delayed. I know that at my school they had a skype visit with an author but I didn’t attend it and I can’t remember what author it was either. If I would choose an author to either skype with or bring him in person I would like to have David Shannon the author of all the NO! David books. I think the kids would really enjoy him considering most kids like his books.


2 thoughts on “Skyping

  1. I like your view on Skype in the classroom. I agree with your disadvantages but that it is also worth trying still to Skype an author and try it out. I think you offered some very strong points as well as some very good questioning points about some of the technological complications that could happen with Skype. Good post this week!


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