It’s Monday What are you Reading?!

For this Week’s It’s Monday what are you reading I read three books, the first book was The Farmer by Mark Ludy, the second book was The Grump by Mark Ludy as well, and Gooney bird and the Room Mother by Lois Lowry.

The Farmer

The Farmer by Mark Ludy is the first book I read and it is about a farmer and his farm animals. This farmer though seems to have terrible luck with his crops because every year something goes wrong and is forced to sell one of his farm animals to replace the damages done to the crops. Although this farmer has terrible luck nothing gets him down from replanting his crops for the following year. Eventually his neighbor’s farm burns down and the farmer helps them put out the fire; something they never did for him, and when the farmer returned to his land he had a full garden. He was kind enough to share it with his neighbors who lost everything in the fire.

The Grump

The second book I read goes along with the author Mark Ludy, I read The Grump. I really like this book because it teaches a great lesson about not being so judgmental towards others. This is about an old man who always seems to be very grumpy and nothing makes him happy; his entire town is scared of him and no one cares to be his friend; until one little girl who is deaf and can’t see changes his entire perspective on life. With both of the books the author hides a little mouse and with every page the students have to find the mouse. I always liked trying to look for the mouse so when the teacher read this book to the classroom everyone would want to sit up front. The books also have great illustration!

Gooney bird and the room mother

The last book I read was Gooney Bird and the Room Mother. I decided to read this book based off of the previous book I had read by this author last week, considering I liked that other book. Last week’s book taught the lesson of being unique and this book teaches kids different vocabulary words, which I think would make a great read aloud book during the Thanksgiving season. This book is about Gooney Bird getting ready to do the pageant of the First Thanksgiving. While getting ready for the play they stumble upon a little problem and that is finding someone to make cupcakes for the play Gooney Bird volunteers to find someone to make cupcakes but only if she gets the lead part in exchange. It was a book filled with adventures from Gooney Bird and her crazy outfits.


6 thoughts on “It’s Monday What are you Reading?!

  1. Each one of your books this week sound cute and like they were enjoyable books to read. I have not read any of them myself. It sounds like a good lesson can be taught to kids from each one, which I think sometimes are the best books to read, because they are fun but also the students get the opportunity to take something away from it as well. I think the mouse idea sounds like a fun little scavenger hunt to go along with the book, and if it were read to a classroom I think the students would have a great time finding the mouse.


    • I would say that Mark Ludy does a great job in incorporating a great theme that everyone should take into consideration. I also know that when I first read the book I had to go back and try to find the mice in every picture again, I really enjoyed that!


  2. Great post this week!! I think that all of your choices this week look really good! I haven’t read any of the books that you did this week, but the first one The Farmer sounds like it has a great lesson about sharing that could be taught to younger students. Good job!!


  3. I haven’t heard or read any of these books but they all seem really good! I agree with what Morgan said about the farmer book being used to teach a good lesson! Good post


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