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I think that reading aloud is important for all grade levels because reading itself is important but some kids don’t have the motivation to do it on their own so having a book and reading it aloud is good for those students to get the reading experience. While observing different classrooms within in the past 3 years I’ve noticed that kids love being read to; and for the most part they stay still and wanting to know more about what is going to happen in the book. It gets every student involved in the classroom discussion which I think is great! I also believe that reading to kids at a young age helps them throughout the years and a lot of kids enjoy being read to. What I took from the two blogs from last week is that reading is a great tool to use in the classroom for different situations. As I was reading the articles I was already thinking of book ideas that I could use in my own classroom. Some of those were introductory books for the first day of class, or maybe if there is an issue in the classroom then maybe address it with a book incorporated to the issue. An example, would be if the teacher notices bullying issues she could have a read aloud that talks about bullying and how everyone should be nice to each other. There’s also a lot of books about holidays that could be read to the students out loud during the holiday seasons. Throughout this semester I have read a lot of books that would be great to read aloud to my future students. I would read Year of the Billy Miller; The One and Only Ivan; All the Way to America; Love You Soldier; I Know a Wee Piggy; The Watermelon Seed; Take Me Out to the Yakyu; Pink Magic; Sadie and Ratz; and Martin de Porres.


3 thoughts on “Read Aloud

  1. I find reading aloud very beneficial as well. I also work with children and have found that many students would love to be read to. Not only does it help with the group interactions, I believe it helps with their creativity and reading skills. I have found that the more books are incorporated into children’s everyday lives, the more they enjoy to read and the more fluent that are as well. This past week I read the book “How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends?” by Jane Yolen. She is a great author that bases her books off of skills that younger audiences can use in their lives. This book specifically talks about friendship and the different aspects it takes to make, keep, and stay friends with someone. I feel it would be a great book to go with your point on how teachers can fix dilemmas in their classrooms. At what age do you feel teachers and parents should stop reading aloud to their children?


    • I don’t know if I have the correct answer to your question. As far as parents go, I think that it would be good if they read to their kid throughout their elementary school years maybe up to fourth grade. I just couldn’t picture my parents reading to me in high school haha. As far as the teacher goes, it’s hard to answer, because I remember being in high school and I liked listening to the teacher read aloud in the classroom. I’m not sure if I liked it because she was a better reader than I was, or because I knew that I wouldn’t have to read haha.

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  2. I think you had a wonderful answer! I ageee. I could not see my parents reading to me at the highschool age either! Haha. My expirences in highschool where a little different however. I struggled with my teacher reading aloud to me. I am a visual learner so just hearing the words wasn’t enough for me to anazlyze the information I was taking in.


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