I really liked the two articles that we were assigned to read this week. I really liked the “Here I am” article because it brought up that even though kids are kids they should still be taught at a young age that it doesn’t matter what skin color you are we all still have imaginations that can go wild through a book. I think the author brought up a good point about the cover of a book and how books with Black or Asian kids on the cover doesn’t mean that, that book is only for those kids with that ethnicity group. I was surprised by the second article and how few books there are about diversity. I do think that as the years go by more and more books about diversity are being published which I think is fantastic! I was also surprised by the author in the “Here I am” article by how early he knew about diversity and how he wanted to make a difference through his talent. I think teachers and librarians should encourage kids to read books about diversity because they are full of information that not every kid is aware of. Reading diverse books will allow those kids to become more aware of the history and present of the country they live in considering we live in a very diverse country. I know that where I went to school in Newcastle, WY we always celebrated black history month. The teachers would read us books that had to do with African Americans or Martin Luther King Jr; and I know that now they have Hispanic month as well. As I was observing for one of my classes I saw that the teachers were reading books that were bilingual so I thought that was very cool and the kids also seemed to like them.


2 thoughts on “Diversity

  1. The idea of bilingual books is a good idea. In my moms preschool class there is one hispanic student who doesn’t know the most English. So while he learns English his classmates are slowly learning some Spanish.


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