Reading Challenge Check-in

The reading goal that I set for myself a few weeks ago was to read on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. I chose those three days since those are days in which I have the most amount of time to get things done such as my homework. I also decided to read small chapter books as one of my other goals instead of a bunch of picture books to fulfil the four hours of reading. I would say I am doing pretty well with my reading plan. Choosing those three days to take time out of the day for reading has definitely made it easier for me since I am less stressed about getting the hours done in time for the Monday post and I distribute the hours equally throughout those three days so I don’t have to do a big block all in one day. I have also been finding good small chapter books to read which also make it easier than trying to find a bunch of picture books. Some of the challenges I have faced are that there are times when I don’t want to read at that exact moment or I’m out doing something else that isn’t reading related. Another challenge I face is sometimes finding the right books is also a challenge for me so I spend a long time at the library in search of the right book. I think I am doing well with my reading plan I don’t really want to change anything with it though, I would maybe like to maybe add more picture books to my reading goal. I feel like I have not been reading the picture books I like to read in a while because I’ve been caught up with trying to complete the four hours of reading with bigger books.


2 thoughts on “Reading Challenge Check-in

  1. I agree with the shorter chapter books. It’s easier to get through them in a shorter amount of time. I’m finding many good suggestions through other posts.


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