“Sundays in Bed With…”

For this week’s blog we were asked to choose our own meme; so for my blog post I decided to the meme “Sundays in Bed With… “ The meme is to share what book you’ve been reading or what book you wish you would have had time to read. For the book I was “curled up in bed reading” I chose to read Diego Bigger than Life by Carmen Bernier Grand.

I really enjoyed this book it was about Diego Rivera the Mexican artist born in 1886. The book was an autobiography of Diego Rivera. The author did a good job writing the autobiography about Diego Rivera in a fun and short way. It wasn’t like a long and boring article type of autobiography that makes a person bored by just scanning it. I also really liked all the pictures and illustrations she incorporated into the book, it made it easier and more motivating to read. At the end of the book she also added three pages with the title “The True Life of Diego Rivera” and in those three pages she goes over the book but takes out the parts where they were myths and clears all of that the author also added in some more information about Diego Rivera. The author also included the resources she used for the entire book. I liked that because it lets the readers know that the author didn’t make up any of the information provided in the book. She also included a one page section called “In His Own Words” in which she lets the readers know what parts in the book Diego Rivera actually did say.

Overall I enjoyed the book I learned a lot about Diego Rivera that I did not know about him before reading this book. It was definitely worth my time reading and the book does a great job showing Diego Rivera’s life past all his beautiful art pieces


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