Reading Challenges

As I was thinking about this post and what my reading challenges and plans to overcome those challenges I realized that my challenges are probably the same as everyone else’s. My biggest reading challenge is find the motivation to actually read and setting off time to read instead of piling up to read the night before the post is due. In order to overcome my challenges I plan on looking at reading from a different, more positive perspective. I noticed if I look at reading in a negative way then that is how I reading will be. I noticed this not just with reading but with other things as well. For my reading plan for the rest of the semester is to do my reading on Monday’s, Wednesday, and Fridays. I decided these three days because I am done with my classes on these three days by 11 am, so it find it easier to find reading time during those days where I am not as busy. I also plan to do it early in the morning because the sooner I get it done the better, especially on Friday’s because I like to do stuff in the afternoon. I also want to challenge myself to read more chapter books rather than read picture books for four hours. I don’t plan on reading big books like Harry Potter or anything like that but easier chapter books instead more along the lines of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I decided to do this because it pushes me to read books that I normally wouldn’t but at the same time I am still in my comfort zone. The hardest thing about achieving my goals will be actually pulling through with my plan. I plan to achieve my goals by setting off times during the day and setting alarms to remind me when I am supposed to be reading.


4 thoughts on “Reading Challenges

  1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are a great choice for your goal. I love reading picture books, but I also like being able to become absorbed in a story and care about the characters. My son and I are reading a great chapter book by Lisa Graff right now called Absolutely Almost. You might look for that book: it has really short chapters and it’s a great book for teachers to read because it’s about a boy who struggles academically.


  2. I think you challenges are very good. I like how you were open about saying that you just don’t always have the motivation to read, some people would not admit that it is a struggle for them. I like how you picked out specific days to challenge yourself to read on those days, I should try doing that, because some days I do not spend a lot of time I could be reading actually reading. Great Goals.


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