“It’s Monday What are you Reading? 9/29/14

For this week’s “Monday, What are you Reading” blog I decided to read two small chapter books. The books I chose to read were Sadie and Ratz by Sonya Hartnett, and Just Grace Goes Green by Charise Mericle Harper.

Sadie and Ratz

The first book was Sadie and Ratz by Sonya Hartnett, was a very easy book to read and follow along to which I really liked. It was a chapter book and it had a few pictures on every other page which in my opinion I think is great for little kids who are being introduced to chapter books. The book is about a little girl named Hannah who named her hands Sadie and Ratz and “Sadie and Ratz” misbehave all the time they do things that would upset her parents and grandparents. Hannah has a little brother whose name was never revealed it was just Baby Boy and Baby Boy starts misbehaving but every time he does something he shouldn’t be doing he blames it on “Sadie and Ratz”. Since he is the baby of the house the parents believe him and Hannah is always the one to blame for when it goes down to it. I liked this book because I can relate to it, I have younger sisters who always did stuff and would blame it on me or my other sister so this book definitely brought back some memories from when we were younger.

just grace goes green

The second book I read was Just Grace Goes Green by Charise Mericle Harper. This book is about an elementary school girl named Grace whose teacher makes the class “go green” which at first Grace hates because she doesn’t care she just wants to play and have fun with her best friend Mimi. The teacher assigns the class to do a “green” project and Grace and her friend Mimi decided to save plastic bottles to decorate and reuse them later. Mimi also has a cousin that has to stay with Mimi and she easily annoys the girls because she always takes Mimi’s toys and gets in between the two friends. It was a good book, it teaches kids about recycling so this is a good book to get them informed if the school is doing a “go green” project.


One thought on ““It’s Monday What are you Reading? 9/29/14

  1. I have not read either one of the books that you posted about this week, but they both sound like they are good books to read. I really like how Just Grace Goes Green teaches kids about recycling and that it is good for the earth. Good post!


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