Reflections on my Reading

As I reflect on the reading I have done so far not much has changed when it comes to me being a reader in general. I still don’t really like reading, it’s not that I don’t like the books I’ve read because I’ve liked all the books I’ve read so far but reading isn’t my thing. I kind of see it as for some people sports or music isn’t a subject they enjoy and no matter how hard he or she tries their feelings towards that subject are probably not going to change. I don’t want to get things confused with I don’t like the books I’ve read though because I have read some pretty fantastic books. I think it’s just the fact that I can’t sit down and read for fun. I do like all the illustrations in the books I have read and the story plots but I get easily distracted and easily bored even if I am reading a good book. My personal taste though are picture books and short stories. I like books for little kids and easy chapter books, mainly because I know I will finish reading those books unlike long 500 page books. I think my favorite book that I have read so far is the book, The One and Only Ivan. If an author could write a book that would be perfect for me I would ask him or her to write it about something funny and kid related. I would say that the Pura Belpra and the Newbery prizes are my favorites. I like the Pura Belpra because they are Latino books and I can easily relate to most books. I always like how books incorporate two language and they are great books for bilingual students and I like that. I think the grade level of books that I have enjoyed the most would probably be fourth grade and below; so early elementary.


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