Finding Time to Read


I am one of those people who find it really hard to find time to read. There are many reasons as to why I find it hard to find time to read. I usually just leave reading to do last out of all my homework assignments. By the time I’m done with the actual assignments I have no motivation to continue doing homework so I put the reading aside for some other day. I find it hard to find time because of the fact that that I have so much homework and it gets very overwhelming. I also choose the worst way to distribute the four hours in my opinion, because I do it in big blocks instead of reading a little each day. I am a slow reader especially since I get distracted really easily when I am reading, so I don’t get a whole lot of books read in the four hours of reading we have to do. I get one bigger book in and a couple of picture books in as well. I definitely think there is room for improvement on how I’m spending the reading time. I plan on trying a different method this week and that is to distribute it throughout the week every chance I get to read like 30 minutes a day until I get the four hours in. I also plan on reading a little first even 15 minutes would be good, before I go out and take a break from homework. The obstacles that get in my way are not being able to focus specifically on reading. In order to completely focus I have to be by myself otherwise I just watch people walk in and out. I also prefer to read when I’m listen to music so I can block out other people, it also helps me from thinking of the things I need to get done and I do not like sitting in silence.



One thought on “Finding Time to Read

  1. I definitely think it’s a good idea to space out your reading so you aren’t trying to cram in a four-hour block of reading at once. Even 10-15 minutes is good, though I often find it annoying to try to get into my book if I know I can only read for 10 minutes. I’m more likely to check Twitter or Facebook! But a 30-minute reading session is good because that’s enough time to absorb myself in the story again and make real progress on finishing the book.


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