Donalyn Miller “Creating Readers”

As I read “Creating Readers” by Donalyn Miller I realized a lot of fascinating tips that I could use later on once I become a teacher. I was really surprised by the fact that she loves reading. I don’t think I have heard of a person who is that into reading. Most of my teachers would tell us the importance of reading but did not always make us read in class a certain amount of time. We also had things to do after we finished an assignment and reading was an option but no one ever did because they didn’t really enforce it. While interning at the elementary school I realized that the teacher I interned for also had her kids read for about 15 minutes a day. I think that is a good way to get kids into reading. I also really like her opinion on letting the students choose the books they get to read. I also would have to agree with her not assessing kids after every book. I think that it makes kids loose motivation towards reading and only read for the purpose of not failing a quiz. I do think that incentives are a good way to get kids to read a little more so I would have to disagree with her on that; but I can also see where she is coming from on not giving kids incentives. To be honest though I would much rather read if I got an incentive out of it instead of just reading with no reward in the end. Her way of teaching does sound like something I would like to do in one of my classes. I would like kids to read but again I do not want to force them into reading if that’s not what they want to do because I feel what they do when I have to read. I would give them incentives to those who do choose to read though. Overall ,this was a good article and I learned a lot from it.


2 thoughts on “Donalyn Miller “Creating Readers”

  1. Interesting thoughts! As a lifelong reader, I do believe that reading is its own reward. If kids are reading wonderful books that they themselves get to choose, they should find plenty of reward in reading and they will want to do it. It will not be something you have to force. We shouldn’t have to incentivize reading. If we have to incentivize it, we’re probably doing something wrong in our teaching. I don’t think we want to give the message to students that reading is only worth doing if they’re going to earn something at the end of it.


  2. I agree, I think that if we start kids off with incentives or prizes for reading they will expect that every time and that isn’t the correct way to do it, because once they don’t get a reward for reading they are not going to want to read. I think maybe just give out prizes once in a while but try and stay away from that so that they value reading more.


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