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If someone were to ask me if I were a reader I would say I am not a reader. I do not consider myself a reader because I do not read books at all and I do not enjoy reading books either. I would rather do something else than read a book. The only times I would read would be when I had to in school but other than that I would not do it for fun. As I was growing up I remember loving to read and I even got prizes for reading the most books, unfortunately my passion for reading went away as soon as I ended middle school. The only books I enjoy reading are picture books for children. I love looking at the pictures and I like reading books to my little sisters, as long as the book has pictures. I do not consider myself a reader because I like to be out and about and I cannot find time to read a book. I am also a slow reader and I lose interest really quickly when it comes to reading long books.


Story# 1: As a little kid I absolutely loved books I used to use the pictures to make up my own stories of what the book was about because I did not speak English and I most definitely did not read it either. As the year progressed I learned how to read and that got me hooked on reading for most of my elementary school years and middle school as well. My favorite books were No David and Clifford the Big Red Dog as well.

baby readingCC image courtesy of A Girl by Laura4Smith on Flickr

Story #2: In middle school the librarian gave out prizes to the students who read that most. Getting an incentive for reading books was a great motivation for me to read books. One time I read enough books to get a small basket full of goodies like candy, a book, and a mug that said I “heart” reading.

  candy bouquetCC image courtesy of Candy Bouquet by liltree on Flickr

Story #3: As I got into high school my passion for reading ended for multiple reasons. I started getting involved with school activities like attending football games, basketball games, and becoming a player at our soccer team. I realized that doing other activities instead of reading books was more entertaining, and I would much rather do that.

 soccerStory #4: another major factor that made me dislike reading was because of my freshmen English teacher. She assigned us to read eight books to read by a certain date, but we couldn’t choose just any book they had to meet her requirements and genres. I personally do not like not having a say in the books I read.

stack of booksCC image courtesy of Book Addiction by Emily Carlin on Flickr

Story #5: My senior year teacher also made me realize how much I dislike reading because of all the books she assigned us to read. I did not like how we never got to read a book that actually seemed to catch my attention rather it was always books that she liked. She made us read long and really boring books.


big book

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2 thoughts on “5 image story

  1. Your story contains some elements that we teachers really need to think about carefully! I don’t believe in assigned reading for just the reasons you describe. If I want my students to love to read, I need to make sure they have the same rights as a reader that I have–especially the right to choose books that THEY will enjoy! I want my students reading for 4 hours a week in this class, but I want you to read books that YOU want to read. Since you like picture books, that’s what you should concentrate on! (And maybe graphic novels! Have you read any graphic novels? There are a lot of great ones for elementary and middle school. Let me know if you need some recommendations.) I hope you will be able to rediscover some of that love of reading in this class. Lots of research shows that the most important factor for students to love reading is having a teacher who is enthusiastic about reading!


    • I am so thankful for that too haha I’m glad I got to choose the books I could read! I also agree that the teacher has to be enthusiastic about reading, because one of my teachers just sounded like she was tired of reading the same books in her class for the past who knows how many years but yet she doesn’t change that.


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